Mar 212012

Jamie Mathieson, despite being a writer for Being a Human and FAQ:About Time Travel provides what is certainly the weakest of the three new Dirk Gently stories. Yes, like the other episodes there is frequent running from the police, angry accusations thrown at Dirk by partner/asisstant MacDuff, actual office supplies thronw by long suffering secretary Janice and wry insults offere by ID Gilks. What this episode, however nearly as twisty as the others, is anything fundementally bizarre going on. In fact, as detective shows go, it’s rather mundane. And this cuts the joy of watching the show go through it’s histrionics and when we get to the end its: oh, so it’s that: *yawn*

So how did we get to such a dull end to the highly anticipated series? Well, let’s see:

We start off with a rather weak nod at the opening of The Long Dark Tea Time of The Soul which quickly turns into a chase with Dirk’s well layed out escape route helping him foil the furious pursuit by Jelick and his constables. We find out soon that someone has killed off two of Dirks former clients (ones we have never met – mind you Dirk’s clients tend to end up dead anyways) and Gilks wants to locate him, for his ‘protection.’

And instead of an even implausable sci-fi themed story we get Dirk being hired by a easily impressed and agreeable woman to find the man stalking her (simply solved, as Dirk is her ‘experimental’ stalker.) Lots of chases Jelick. Dirk ending up in jail (even if Jelick considers him toincompetentto have commited the murders), a murderer that Dirk accidentally fingered who has supposedly toruned to Jesus, and trouble with killer cleaning staff. It was however fun to see Jason Wadkins have some fun with his interpretation of Gilks (I will admit that the interrogation sequence between him and Mangan was brilliantly absurd.)

And in the end, it’s Dirk’s ridiculously cheap answering service that is the culprit. While it would be vaguely interesting for any other comedy show, it’s really bottom drawer for something as quirky, weird and bizarre as this show should be. So… a disappointment. But overall it’s been interesting seeing what Overman and Mangan have been able to create with their 4 eps so far, and despite this relative dud, I hope to see more in the future.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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