Mar 202012

A Dance With Death is another of those castle eps where the show pokes fun at reality televsion, in this case dancing competition shows. This ep gets a bit to twisty for it’s own good and it’s premise gets rather goofy after it reaches the twist threshold. And there’s precisely zero dancing! As such, we have to turn to the b-plots where there are some more interesting personal things going on.

*spoilers warning*

The ep opens up at an apparently cheap looking reality competition show called ‘Night of Dance’. where they can’t even seem to afford crew to ensure that the dancers actually show up on stage on time. Although this time it turns out that one of the dancers was murdered, a reformed rich party girl named Odette. The first part of the spends more time spoofing TV dance competitions than it does concerning itself with the murder and does so rather badly so it doesn’t start off well.

And while everything ultimately falls into place while the team investigates the people involved, the brother, financialadvisor, twisting into an almost interesting case of Odette having died in a train derailment while the stripper (who had dreams of dancing on Broadway) she paid to be her double (to deal with all the community service she’d racked up for minor drug crimes etc.) took over her life. eventually Bruce Grey (Falling Skies, Medium) is trundled out as Odette’s former family butler, even he can’t make the ep particularly interesting or memorable.

I admit I didn’t guess the killer, but then, the reveal was so late in the ep, and the acting so bland this time around, that even the surprise twist wasn’t enough to garner my interest. In fact Ryan’s revelation that women aren’t interested in him because he’s in love with his wife and Martha’s spat with the critic she wants to help promote her acting studio came across with more panache.

Oh yeah, and this show was seriously light on witty dialog (it was practically painful in its earnestness), although I did get to hear a variation on my old chestnut:

Those who can’t do, teach. Those who can’t teach, critique. (this is where Martha stops) Those who can’t critique, blog.

Overall, perhaps the weakest ep of the season, certainly the weakest in some time. It’s not enough to rely on gimmicks guys. You also have to provide personality. Hopefully this was a one off dud and not a sign of thing to come.

Rating: 3.0 out of 5

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