Mar 132012

As some of you are aware dino series Terra Nova is in its last minute struggle for survival as the producers negotiate with online streamer Netflix. Ironically, the series’ struggle mirrors the script, as it clings to hope after being battered by crass exploitation and battered close to oblivion by the heartless corporate entity that helped create it. It’s like the writers new exactly what was going to happen.

And The Academy of Science Fiction and Horror Films provided a little more ammunition to the shows efforts with a 38th Saturn Awards Nomination for Best Television Series.

Kudo’s to Netflix for providing an alternative to the often unreasonably destructive TV Network System (they’ve already brought critical darling Arrested Development back from the afterlife, who knows what more they might uncance.)

How big is the chance that Speiberg’s Dino drama will get a second chance. Well, any hope is better than none, I say.

Or, as Jason O’Mara’s Sci-fi TV wife offered at the seasons end:

“Can’t give up hope Jim, ‘kay? Because that’s what this place is about: Hope and a second chance. We can’t let them take that away from us.”

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