Mar 052012


John Goodman  The Artist

Chris O’Dowd  Bridesmaids

Simon Pegg  Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Jeremy Renner  Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Alan Rickman  Harry Potter & Deathly Hallows Part II



Nicolas Cage  Kick-Ass

Sean Combs  Get Him to the Greek

Kieran Culkin  Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Chris Evans  The Losers

Joseph Gordon-Levitt  Inception



John Cho  Star Trek 

Jackie Earl Haley  Watchmen 

Jude Law  Sherlock Holmes

Simon Pegg  Star Trek

Karl Urban  Star Trek



Michael Caine  The Dark Knight

Jackie Chan  The Forbidden Kingdom

Robert Downey, Jr.  Tropic Thunder

Morgan Freeman  The Dark Knight

Jet Li  The Forbidden Kingdom



Billy Connolly  Fido

Robert de Niro  Stardust

Nick Frost  Hot Fuzz

Paul Rudd  Knocked Up

J.K. Simmons  Juno

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Earlier Years Will Be Added as they are compiled.

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