Mar 042012


“Hot Wings”  Will.I.Am. feat. Jamie Foxx  Rio

“One Night in Bangkok” MikeTyson cover  The Hangover 2



“Alice”  Avril Lavigne  Alice in Wonderland

“Never Say Never”  Justin Bieber  The Karate Kid

“Single Ladies” Liza Minnelli cover Sex & City 2



“All is Love”  Karen O  Where Wild Things Are

“All the Love in the World”  Ryan Dan  Gooby

“I See You”  Simon.Franglen & James Horner  Avatar

“My Declaration”  Eliza Bennett  Inkheart

“Time for Miracles”  Alain Johannes & Natasha Shneider  2012



“9 to 5″ as performed by Mike Myers  The Love Guru

“Another Day to Die”  Quantum of Solace

“I Thought I Lost You”  Bolt



“Doomsday Clock”  Transformers

“Hello, I Love You”  The Last Mimzy

“Royal Pain”  Shrek The 3rd

“Signal Fire”  Spiderman 3

“The Worst Pies in London”  as performed by Helena Bonham Carter Sweeney Todd

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Earlier Years Will Be Added as they are compiled.

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