Mar 042012

The Coolest Film of the year (as decided by the 31st Silver Lenas nominators), the low budget tale of aliens attacking a block in south London has earned debut director Joe Cornish’s film a place in a four way tie for second in most awards earned (with Bridesmaids, X-Men:First Class and Green Lantern).  This shows again the Silver Lenas nominators willing to overlook the lack of flashy effects and understand that it doesn’t take hundreds of millions of dollars to present a decent sci-fi tale.  Any way you look at it, 5 awards out of 11 nominations is a decent haul.  Most notably though, there was no breakthru for the individual actors as none of the 5 nominees won in their respective categories.  And while Joe didn’t manage a Coolest Director award, he did score a consolation prize with an award for Best Original Screenplay.

The film was also the first ever to win The Dario, The Death Machine and Best Monstercraft awards!

Attack The Block’s Awards are listed below:

Coolest Film

Best Original Screenplay Joe Cornish

Best Monstercraft

The “Dario” Award For Most Spine-Crawlingest Creepiness

The “Death Machine” Award For Excellence In No-Budget Filmmaking

Go to the 31st Annual Silver Lenas Movie Awards Winners Announcement

Check out Attack The Block’s full list of nominations

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