Mar 032012

Other fantasy shows have dealt with the magic coin thing (most notably and recently, Supernatural, both the live action original and the anime version of the series.) With Three Coins in a Fuchsbau, we get Grimm’s take on the time honored theme which turns out to be both subtle and quite grand in scale. áPlus, in this ep we get the arrival of a character who knows a fair bit more about Nick’s personal past than he should. áHow? áApparently the characters from the Buffyverse arent’ the only ones that have daliances with the other side. áAs for the coins, well, yikes! áoh, and did I forget, this episode is also about… Nazi gold! áBut still, it is a very good and informative episode.

*spoilers warning*

The story opens up with a trio of Wesen jackalmen (Schakals) having a pre-robbery Tarantinoesque scene and then they are off to a jewellers and a suspenseful robbery that ultimately involves a drill and explosives and ultimately the dead body of the jeweler. áHowever, the robbers get less and more than they bargain for as by the end of the intro, they are tricked in the dark into shooting each other by a third Wesen, some kind of birdman (and Titus Welliver from Sons of Anarchy and Deadwood). áOur birdman, or Steinadler is looking for the same thing that thee others were, three golden coins minted over 2000 years ago by the Greeks.

The Steinadler, a character by the name of Farley Colt, a cool customer if there ever was one (could give Captain Renard a run for his money) offers a history lesson of the coins as well as obliquely offers some personal history that he and Nick share. áYep, Aunt Marie. áSo for the first time we get an episode that is quite personal. áNick even gets Juliette involved in trying to figure out if Farley’s story is true.

Also, for the first time we have something genuinely magical show up in the show. áthe story about the coins power and effect that Farley relates suggests they’ve had influence over human history right up to… you guessed it, The Third Reich. áAnd Eddie even gets toápracticeásome of his High German, although that’s about the extent of his involvement here.

And we get an example of the effect the coins through the episode as they pass from character to character that shows that Farley warnings of how scary powerful the coins are. áOnce holding them Hank gets superáaggressive, Renard has dreams right out of Triumph of the Will, and ignores the warning he gets after calling an associate in Paris about finding them. áAnd after what we see at the end of the ep, yes, a Parisian would be a little concerned about the coins’ powers. áBut the flip side is that the coins are kinda like The One Ring, the magic is portrayed as an addiction, and the results of giving them up or having them taken away are kinda sad really.

“It was weird,” Hank confesses. “I was pumped, possessed. I was like a man on fire!”

Still we get to see more of Renard this ep, and I’m beginning to wonder if he’s a Wesen at all, or something else entirely. áWe’ve never seen him shift, not in the presence of other creaturemen or, of course, Nick. áIt’s nice to see Juliette involved, although he talent with websearching is kinda new. áAnd finally, we learn that, yeah, Hitler used the coins. áAnd yeah, he too appears to have been a baby eating badass (and we all thought he was a vegetarian.)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (What can I say, pure NAZI gold.)

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