Mar 012012

Just one beat of your heart, and closer to fantasy…”

1985 fairy-tale meets The Devil film, Legend, is one of my favorite fantasy films, despite it’s poor record with movie critics. While the film has a relatively simple plot, the art &set design, make-up (for which it won a deserved Academy Awards), visual effects and performances (especially Tim Curry as The Dark One and Robert Picardo as Meg Mucklebones), are still quite memorable – as is the music. And while the Jon Anderson sung tunes are nice, Brian Ferry’s Is Your Love Strong Enough is still one of my favorite songs from Fantasy Film (David Gilmour’s guitar solo is also top notch.)

Now after refusing an offer to record Don’t You Forget About Me for The Breakfast Club, and seeing what that did for the carreer of Simple Minds, Ferry recorded for a series of films including Legend (ie. Help Me, for David Cronenberg’s The Fly and Kiss and Tell for Bright Lights, Big City) none of them approached the haunting and power tone of this tune.

Now, once upon a time music videos from Motion Pictures were powerfuladvertisementsfor their films (can’t really do this these days, nobody really plays music videos on TV anymore), and the video below is a prime example of this sort of thing done right with anexcellentmix of Ferry on set mixed with shots from the film.

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