Feb 282012

“I am free from the magic you used to weave, broke the spell you once held over me…”

Cast a Deadly Spell, a gem of a fantasy film from the HBO network has a lot of things going for it. It’s a great mash up of Detective Noir, Wizardry, Monster and the HP Lovecraft genre. In fact, our lead character is a version of HP Lovecraft who is a hard boiled detective (played with perfect deadpan wit by Fred Ward) who, in a world where everyone uses magic, he declines. The cast is superb, co-staring David Warner, Juliane Moore, Clancy Brown. All in all worth watching if you like the three above genres or any of the actors. But this post is about the absolutely enthralling tune that is the centerpiece of the film, a wonderful jazz ballad that would melt a heart of stone (and does in this film).

Check out Juliane “singing” Why do I Lie to Me. It is truly one of the great songs of fantasy film. And in this film is the only place you’ll find it.

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