Feb 172012

Garnering 12 nominations (+1 quasi-shared), Captain America scored above the usual superhero movie this year by capturing 2 ‘best’ nominations amongst the usual ‘coolest’ and other awards for the 31st Silver Lenas.  Each of the three films still made off with at least ten noms (a staggering 43 in total for Cap. America, X-Men:First Class and Thor).  Should be quite a battle between them as they are up against each other in several categories.   We shall see in march which of the three the nominators actually likes the best.

Below is The First Avenger’s list of nominations:

Best Supporting Actor Stanley Tucci

Best Villain Hugo Weaving

Coolest Actor Chris Evans

Coolest Supporting Actress Haley Atwell

Coolest Villain Hugo Weaving

Best Original Song Star-Spangled Man

Best Visual Effects (The Skinniest Avenger – at First)

Art Direction and Set Design

Best Costumes

Best Credit Sequence

Best Vehicle Cap’s Americycle

The “Jon Bunnyman” Award For Artistic Excellence Through The Intentionial And Judicious Use Of Bad Writing
[especially the USO tour]

The “Jackie Chan” Award For Happiest Movie Goodness
(shared with Thor and X-Men:First Class)
Marvel releases three good movies!

Go to the 31st Annual Silver Lenas Movie Awards Nominations Announcement Posting

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