Feb 082012

Like other fans of the show, I looked forwards to this Astrid/Astrid centered episode, Making Angels. Well, not exactly as it turns out, but the interactions between the characters in this episode make up for the fact that it is the second episode in the row with a character who has a Cassandra complex.

*spoilers warning*

So, we have an asian man wandering around Boston killing people after telling them that they are doomed. And he kills them with a poison that hasn’t been invented yet. And yeah, he talks like an Observer. And yeah, he’s a former MIT mathematician who found a small glowing cylinder that allowed him to see the past future and present. This sadly got mixed up with his mommy issues, religion and jesus complex. I suppose this would have been more compelling if it didn’t follow a similarly themed episode, or was something that I hadn’t seen before several times.

On the other hand, there’s plenty of interesting things going on amongst our regular cast (even if Lincoln Lee is absent from this ep.)

First there’s alternate Astrid, who, distraught by the death of her estranged father, crosses the worldbridge to get some reassurance and understanding from her other self. This works our pretty well, as it offers some enlightened thoughts about the relationships in the current timeline between Walter and Astrid, as well as Walter and Peter. This also bring Fauxlivia over to bring the wayward savant back, and we get a bit of an idea of how her infiltration of our side worked (which seemed to be primarily a seduction of Walter – yeah, I know, but hey, there was not Peter for her to seduce…) The scenes of everyon on the team interacting are decent, especially the grumpiness and reluctance of Walter as Peter throws himself into helping figuring out who is doing the killing and why.

Unfortunately, after our MIT drop out succeeds in engineering suicide by cop, they team doesn’t bother to do any checking around, and it’s up to the observers to retrieve what the man found in his summer at Reiden lake. yep, it’s that glowing cylinder, apparently belonging to September who ‘lost it’ when he failed to save Peter. But, notes the observer to the superior Observer, September is all about screwing up. Peter is back. And that doesn’t appear to please our Observers at all.

Luckily the personalities of the characters both from this world and the other carry the somewhat repetitive and familiar feeling plot. Both Jasika Nicole and Anna Torv are decent as their doubles interact with each other, and while this timeline’s version of Walter is still somewhat belligerent, John handles his interactions and changes in mood well, helping keep the episode interesting enough to keep my attention.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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