Jan 072012

This episode, is an adaptation of the original series classic Nightmare is another fairly straight adaptation of a first season ep, this time, the pivotalepisodeof the same name. This version eschews some of the earlier murders, concentrating it’s shorter running time on Sam’s developing power and connection to the psychotic Max.

There’s not much that actually distinguishes the anime version from the original, and swerves from the original’s X-Files kind of feel by focusing on this Max’s dead puppy (as opposed to relying on his own suffered abuse from the live action original.) Yeah, the ep does hit the plot points from the original, but like the adaptations of Heart and Skin, this version is a step down from the original first season standout. Now, I will agree that it is more coherent than Alter Ego, and Jared and Andrew handle their interaction well, it still does fall a little flat otherwise, by comparison.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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