Dec 302011

“He had his own world, just like I had mine,
We’ll go seperate ways ’til the next time.
There are no words to say as my friend swims away.”

More than a decade after her first excursion into Sci-fi music (the classic novelty song I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper), Sarah Brightman returned to science fiction music with an ode to the classic Jules Verne character off her concept album Dive (the song a cover itself of the original by the Swedish band Dive.)

“And as I watched him, police boats approached,
an alien force haunting us like ghosts.
‘Wish I could stay here and play for a while
But I must be on my way…’ The warmest of smiles
Then he dived into the waves among the other whales.”

The song is an amospheric ballad of longing and romance between the POV character and the far traveling steam-age science fiction icon. The arrangements us the sonar pings that are often used in songs about submariners (Another example would be from Al Stewart’s 1978 song Life in Dark Water.)
This song is not to be confused with the Ace of Base 1998 tune of the same name (not to mention the same subject matter, it seems that Swede’s like writing songs about Nemo, go figure.)

Below is the video of Sarah performing the song:

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