Dec 192011

“Try her onShe fits like a glove’
Too bad she only thinks aboutThe lord above.”

Matthew Sweet was practically the originator of the Anime Music videos when he utilized Space Adventure Cobra and Lum from Urusei Yatsura for two of his videos from his 1991 album Girlfriend, for the title track and I’ve Been Waiting.

"Now if I called you up Do you think you Could deliver my soul?
Won't you take a drink Little darlin' The cup is full"

The song Evengeline, however, came from a related if more North American source, The 1980s comic book of the same name, featuring a renegade Nun on a colonized, somewhat westernish Mars. yep, Matthew was quite the fanboy (metaphorically filthy lyrics included.)

“Just tell me how you want it We won’t be seen.
You can tell your father It was all a dream.”

The song itself is a is sung from the point of view of the character from the comic, Johnny Six, and is a prime example of the ‘cuddlecore’ rock genre that was somewhat popular at the time (although it got rather steamrolled by the Seattle based Grunge genre.)

“She’s on another planet, she’s in my dream.
She’s some kind of angel, if you know what I mean.”

While the song only aludes to the science fiction subject it’s addressing, that fact that it’s a decent tune as well as about a sci-fi character gets it onto the list.

Again, not much of a video here, but you get the song:

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