Dec 152011

“Could it beThat somebody else is looking into my mind
Some other place, somewhere…Some other time.”

The Alan Parsons Project was known as sci-fi oriented progressive rock band, but despite the reputation, they actually produced few truly sci-fi tunes, even if they had ostensibly sci-fi themed albums like I Robot, Eye in the Sky, and Parsons later Time Machine.

“Now the starlight which has found meLost for a million years,
Tries to lingeras if fills my eyes ’til it disappears.”

Some other Time stands out from the 1977 album I Robot, as unlike most of the other songs the lyrics are not merely suggestive of science fiction, they relay a science fiction concept, that our POV character is being monitored from some distant time.

“Like a mirror held before me,Large as the sky is wide
And the image,is reflected back to the other side.”

And not just having wonderful SF style lyrics, the arrangement is one of the first classic Alan Parson Projects Power Ballads, featuring swirling analog synths, orchestral hits and muscular guitars, matched with Peter Straker’s spacy vocals. A such, Some other time is comparable to the later and better known title track to Eye in the Sky or the greatThe Ignorance is Bliss from the much later Time Machine.

Below is a pretty decent CGI video set to the song.

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