Dec 132011

Last ep, we were given a glimps of a young man in the street being restrained by the police. This is his story.

Yoji Suganuma is a struggling student who’s father is obsessed with him getting into aStateUniversity.  The part time dishwasher is cracking under the strain and himself is getting unhealthily obsessed over a relationship video game entitled, My fair Lady. And how he got to end up in such a sorry state.

He later helps a girl called Rie Sato get hired at the restaurant he works at and begins to lose the distinction between reality and the video game with her, obsessing over controlling Rie, mixing his obsession up with the story of the musical My Fair Lady(which is where the ep title, and twisted concept comes from).  What helps him to spiral into a mental breakdown is, yes, the drug S.

Yep, he runs into Saotome and Manticore in their drug dealing phase, and becomes hooked on the drug she produces.  Here we get a little more info that the drug was being used for something more than just providing food for Manticore (although we do get to see some of her graphic feeding). Saotome is thinking about what he and his monster girlfriend can do with the slaves the drug she produces from her tears creates.

This is, like last ep, truly a depressing episode, an allegory of how school pressures can drive some teenagers into a fantasy world in order to cope.  Not for the faint of heart, especially those who are into such games.As the electromagnetic wave flows out from Echoes’ escape, Yoji’s computer is wiped clean and he, as with Misuzu last ep, snaps.

Next: Interlude (and some answers, but of course, more and more questions)

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