Dec 112011

“It started with a low lightNext thing I knew they ripped me from my bed.
And then they took my blood typeIt left a strange impression in my head”

Even the Killers can’t avoid making some comments on Scifi, or more specifically the alien abduction subculture in their second single from their 2008 album Day and Age. While not as evocative as the first (but more ambiguous song)Human, Spaceman offers an unambiguous look at the experiences of a victim of alien abduction, although in a rather tongue and cheek manner.

“You know that I was hopingthat I could leave this star-crossed world behind.
But when they cut me openI guess that changed my mind”

The song is a bouncy pop-rock very remeniscent of the kind of songs ELO produced for their sci-fi concept album Time and generaly evocative of early 80s electropop, changing tone for the bridge before hitting the final verse. Has a great sing along chorus as well.

“The song maker says, ‘It ain’t so bad’The dream maker’s gonna make you mad
The spaceman says, ‘Everybody look down’It’s all in your mind.”

This song, in a different way from the kind of cheesy writing Jeff Lynne was famous for (although this song does have it’s own share ofnonsenselyrics), never really takes it’s subject very seriously, taking almost a Weird Al sort of response to the horrors of being taken by aliens for the typical sort of experimentation they have been reported up to.

“And you know I mighthave just flown too far from the floor this time.”

And while the POV character ultimately kinda disavowes his experience, this is still a great sci-fi tune, and remains very popular in various places around the world (no words on whether it’s popular with any beyond, however.

“And you know I’m fineBut I hear those voices at night
Sometimes they justify my claim.”

“It’s all in my mind,
It’s all in my mind.”

The video, like the one for Sleeping Satellite isn’t really representative of the Song, but hey,it doesn’t harm it.

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