Dec 092011

Trapped in Zero-Point Space, the science fiction novelette will be posted as a daily serial starting tomorrow, Dec 10th. This story is the first of a series of interrelated stories set in an galaxy filled withinterstellarcivilizations entitledDispatches from The Intergalactic. This first story features a traveling filter cleaner who faces madness while on a work assignment in a dark cluster to help provide the galaxy the energy source which most civilizations run on, and which may be actually threatening all of their collective futures.

As an excercise in worldbuilding, along with storytelling, Dispatches from the Intergalactic stories contain elements which readers of The Hitchiker’s Guide To The Galaxy and watchers of Futurama will befamiliarwith (not to mention a dash ofVonnegut to boot.) and contain first person accounts along with mockumentary style episodes offering a satirical look at what a universe filled with beings that are potentially far more messed up as the human race is capable of being, and a galaxy that could beinfinitelymore messed up as our world can seem to be.

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