Dec 082011

Many scifi singles over the years have been novelty songs, as most songwriters and the general public do have a hard time taking the genre seriously, especially when it comes to music. I’ll admit I have a few guilty pleasures from this end of the genre, on of them being the classic 1978 ditty to love in space, I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper. And the lead singer, yes, it’s the later Pop/Opera superstar, none other than Andrew Lloyd’s ex-Sarah Brightman.

“I lost my heart to a starship trooper, Flashing lights in hyper space
Fighting for the Federation, Hand in hand we’ll conquer space”

This song originally showed up on the pre-MTV era UK TV music video showcase, The Kenny Everett Video Show (and features the shows dace troupe Hot Gossip, not to mention a Teenaged Sarah, in a silver catsuit and rather crazy seventies perm. And sonically, it’s an actually complex mix of disco, spoken word and various sound and vocal effects.

“Encounters one and two are not enough for me
What my body needs is close encounter three”

“Touch me, feel me, do what you will
I want to feel that galatic thrill”

Released at the height of the disco era, the song features the most risqué lyrics I’d ever heard before, and held the record for one of the dirtiest scifi tunes until 2011’s Hugo Nominated, Fuck Me Ray Bradbury.

“Flash Gordon’s left me, he’s gone to the stars
An evil Darth Vader has me banished to Mars”

“Tell me, Captain Strange, do you feel my devotion
Or are you like a droid, devoid of emotion”

Along with the scifi double entendres the writers threw together a mishmash of television, old serial and movie references, a little like was earlier done with that decade with The Rocky Horror Picture Show, although the references in this song are more recent (although it does reference Flash Gordon)

“This is Starfleet Control, To all ships in sector five
Be advised, Arcadia, Niner niner zero, Is off course
All ships squawk ident.”

And as an added bit of, I don’t know, realism, I suppose, the lyrics also add a fair bit of authentic air traffic control jargon, or in this case, I suppose you consider it space traffic control jargon. All and all it’s a fun and sext spoof at the scifi genre that never fails to bring a smile to my face. Yeah, it’s that silly, but in a good way. Ans this would not be Sarah’s last scifi referencing song, as the ode to Jules Verne’s greatest creation, Captain Nemo, off of her concept album Dive, not to mention an oblique reference to another scifi classic with the title track from her album, The Fly.

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