Dec 072011

“Where art is close to science,A million miles,
A thousand minds,now worlds away.”

World’s Away is the title track from the 80s Canadian Strange Advance, and their first (If modest) hit. An atmospheric ballad of memory and longing it scifi references are for the most part oblique, but are still evocative and enough, I’d say, to describe it as a sci-fi song. The album it was on was enough to get a nomination for the band in Canada as Most Promising Group. The song is very characteristic of it’s time (1983) but unlike much that was produced at that time, manages to carry an emotional resonance in it’s sythrock stylings.

“From heart to heartThe beat, slow, fades.The sun explodes the night-time.
For all we knowThere’s nothing changed.Look in your eyes;You’re worlds away.”

The song is one of memories and impending loss. our POV character understands nothing can be done to prevent his love from passing far from his grasp, but still tries to hang on, pleading, providing a bittersweet and wisful tone to the song.

“Oh, no, don’t say goodbye,When you can love only one thing,
And they want you too.It’s you, it’s you.Worlds away…”

The arrangements of the song are atmospherically evocative, and lead singer/guitarist Darryl Kromm expresses a deeply broken heart. He also provides an excellent guitar solo and outro enriching the song’s second half. Magical, really, quitereminiscentof David Gilmour penned Pink Floyd songs like Comfortably Numb and Learning to Fly. Like the figure in the song, Strange Advance didn’t last long, and only recorded three albums, although no songs quite as egaging as this one, IMHO (although I’ve always liked their electrop love song The Second That I Saw You)

Below is a youtube video of stars an nebula accompanying the song (I actually stumbled across this a while ago, and glad i did, I’d forgotten about the song almostcompletely.)

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