Dec 052011

"I blame you for the moonlit sky and the dream that died with the eagles' flight. I blame you for the moonlit nights when I wonder why are the seas still dry?"

I had honestly never heard this hit from1992 until is showed up in rotation on a radio station I listened to while driving. After hearing it a couple times, I started wondering, is this song about the space program? And as a matter of fact it is, probably the only number one (at leas in the UK) song wondering why, even after two whole decades (now four) we haven’t moved beyond our babysteps in space, not even having returned to the moon since.

Did we fly to the moon too soon did we squander the chance?
In the rush of the race the reason we chase is lost in romance.
And still we try to justify the waste, for a taste of man’s greatest adventure.”

The lyrics are hard hitting, even bitter, questioning the point of starting our journey to the stars if we are to wrapped up with early affairs to continue, although she does seem ambivalent about our choices.

"Have we lost what it takes to advance? Have we peaked too soon? If the world is so green then why does it scream under a blue moon?"
And of course, it wouldn't be a great song if it didn't have a great tune and arrangment to go along with it. Tasmin hits all the right notes, even gets growly when offering the most dramatic phrases. The music is at times ethereal but offers a standout memorable organ solo. Yes, there was reason this song was such a success. Unfortunately it made a one hit wonder out of Tasmin who has never come close to repeating its success in the two decades since. Nor can you expect to find similar subject material in work on her debut album (The now ironically titled Great Expectations) or later efforts, this was her only dip in this kind of waters. But, at the very least we can thank her for her one hit. And she does leave us with a compelling question:
"And when we shoot for the stars, what a giant step. Have we got what it takes to carry the weight of this concept? or pass it by like a shot in the dark?"
The official video below doesn't really relate to the songs content, but it at least showcases it.

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