Oct 272011

So what kind of follow up can the writers of Misfits come up with after last eps traumatic finale, the deadly fight between Sally and Simon? As it turns out, a perverse reinfocement of the balck comedy andjuveniledelinquentismthat serves as the philosophy of the show. As well, we also get to finally find out what Nathan’s power actually is.

*spoilers warning*

The episode opens with what appears to be a self-help session in the park between a group of youngChristiansin cardigans lead by a girl named Rachel (Downtown Abbey’s Jessica Brown Findlay). The group notes the strange change of behavior of people they know. Local youth seem to reverting to drink and drug free lives. It turns out Rachel has the power to turn people over to her way of thinking, and when Alisha turns into one of the, the ASBO 5 (or 4 now) figure out that some power is involved.

“When weird stuff happens, it’s always the storm,” Simon reminds a doubting Nathan. “Haven’t you figured it out yet.”

As Rachel’sfollowinggrows, our heros are at a loss to find a way to stop her.

“We’ve got to tell someone what she’s doing,” Kelly insists.

“Oh yeah right. Help! Everybody’s stopped taking drugs and urinating in the streets. Who we gonna tell? This is every parent’s and policeman’s wet dream,” Nathan tells them.

One by one our heroes are captured and turned by Rachel until only Nathan and Simon are left. This leads us to an awesome Invasion of the Body Snatcher’s homage where Nathan and Simon are surrounded by a huge number of Rachel’s followers (this is foreshadows by Nathan screaming at passersby: “Your next! your next!. Simon turns invisible and flees, while Nathan is saved at the last moment by anunidentifiable bicyclist in a hoodie.

Later, after a short conversation with a brainwashed Kelly, we next see Nathan at a trainstation. But then, he changes his mind.

The narrative takes us to Nathan, apparently with gun and in a suit pretends to be one of Rachel’s followers and takes her hostage. This leads us to the final moments of the episode and season where Nathan, on the rooftop of the community center, offers up his grand manifesto:

“She’s got you thinking this is the way you’re supposed to be. Well, It’s not! We’re young! we’re supposed to drink to much. We’re supposed to have bad attitudes and shag each others brains out! We’re designed to party. This is it!

” And yeah, a few of us are going to overdose, or go mental. But Charles Darwin said, ‘you can’t make an omlete without breaking a few eggs’. And that’s what it’s all about, breaking eggs. And by eggs, I do mean gettin’ twatted on a cocktail at Class As.

“If you could see yourselves – it breaks my heart – you’re wearing cardigans! We had it all. We fucked it up bigger and better than every generation that came before us. We were so beautiful!!

“We’re screw ups, I’m a screw up and I plan to be a screw up until my late twenties, maybe even my early thirties. And I will shag my own mother before I let anyone take that away from me!”

This scene, however, turns silly then horrific, and not even Simon can save the day this time.

Speaking of Simon, he wanders through the episode with growing torment and aggravation at constant humiliating insults from Nathan, who doesn’t even know his name isn’t ‘Barry’. Here are a choice few from this ep:

“You’d screw your own sister for a piece of cheese,” he accused Simon after calling him a pedophile.

“I don’t even like cheese,” Simon replies.

“That makes it even worse you sick bastard,” Nathan finishes.


“Did you just grow a set of balls?” he asks sarcastically.

“I’ve always had balls,” Simon replies angrily. “You’ve just never seen them.”

“That’s about the gayes thing I’ve ever heard,” Nathan mocks.

Given that Simon is right on the edge, there’s a sense here that he could snap at any moment, which Iwan displays quite well.

The funeral at the end is quite touching, although it’s telling that a death among the five is what it takes for them to go out for a drink together. And, despite Nathan’s treatment, Simon cares enough to edit together of Nathan’s best moments on a DVD for Kelly. They are of course, Nathan acting like a dickish clown (with several scenes of him trying to discover what his power is), but that is what we all will remember him fondly of.

Or would, if he didn’t wake up in his coffin. Yes, Nathan does have a power. As, he will say next season, it’s from the ‘A’ List: immortality. Unfortunately he has been buried alive. But, at least Kelly left him his ipod to listen too.

Ah, a wonderfully perverse way to end the first series. As, such I was more than enthusiastic to watch season two.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Next: watch the first episode of season 2 to here Curtis say: “We should watch more of that science-fiction stuff, might actually figure out what’s going on around here.”

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