Oct 222011

Starting Next Week:

A Misfits Retrospective

In anticiptation of the third season of this audacious comedy-drama of a group of disaffected youth consigned to community service. The kick is that during a supernatural storm they all gain super powers (not to mention other members of the local community.) Misfits is by a leap the most interesting look at super powered beings on TV these days, has managed to be engaging with out getting overblown (we’re talking about you, Heros.) We’ll be reviewing the first two seasons, the awesome Christmas special and, of course, the Las Vegas webisode that sets up the new season.

Dispatches from the Intergalactic

Space is incalculably vast, populated by strange worlds and even stranger beings. In this series of satirical mockumentaries and first hand accounts we will expose the weird, wonderful, horrific and often humorous side of encounters between alien species found between the shallow and deep ends of infinity.

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