Jun 292011

In my Promethead series of novels, the main character, Althea Ram possesses nanotechnology that allows her to affect many aspects of her physiology, including significan levels of healing injuries. We aren’t quite there yet, but that doesn’t mean scientists aren’t evoking science fiction with these new developments:

Blood from Skin

A short time ago I posted about a new burn treatment that uses human skin in a spray to create scar free skin grafts for burn victims. Now researchers have created blood vessels from skin cells and implanted them successfully. There are many treatments that may be enhanced with these ‘off the shelf’ blood vessels including kidneydialysis, used inlimbs to bypass to route blood around diseased arteries, to repair congenital heart defects in children and to fix damaged arteries in soldiers, to save them from the loss of limbs. For more detailes,read the article at here.

Curing Hemophilia

Genome editing is an inovative technique which allows scientists to target mutated DNA, and it has now been used to treathemophilia in mice. This represents another step on the way to wholesale disease management using gene therapy. This technique uses genetically engineered enzymes called “zinc finger nucleases.” Interested in finding out how close they are to editing your genome,read the article here.

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