Feb 142008

The Most Nominated Films:

No film dominated nominations this year, with seven exceeding 10 but none with more than 15!

Pixar’s Ratatouille and the UK police comedy Hot Fuzz  lead the pack (just) with 14 nominations each.  Brad Bird’s 3D animated film is up for Best film/Best Director and dominated the Animated Character noms (2 in each category) while Edgar Wright’s film is up for most of the Coolest categories including Coolest Film/Director/Actor/ Supporting Actor as well as (Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, naturally, for) Best Buddy Act!

Other highly nominated Sci-fi/fantasy genre films include Transformers with 13 noms (coming perilously close to capturing the lead in nominations like  Worst Film/ Director/Actress/Actor/ Villain… well, you get the idea).  There is positive news for sci-fi this year too, with Korean film the Host garnering 12 (positive) nominations.  Planet Terror from the Grindhouse double bill was appreciated (9 nominations), along with Stardust (also 9), Sunshine(8) and 30 Days of Night(also 8).  The Host is up for Best Film, while Planet Terror and 30 days of Night earned Coolest Film nods.

Other genres of film were also scored highly.  David Fincher’s serial killer thriller, Zodiac earned 12 nominations, including Best Film/Director, jason Reitman’s clever Juno, picked up 11 noms also including Best Film/Director. Musical Sweeney Todd (8) and thriller No Country For Old Men (8) were also cashed in.

As for acting awards, Simon Pegg and Helena Bonham Carter  lead with 3 nominations each.  Simon for his role in Hot Fuzz (and a bonus shared screenwriting nomination), Helena Bonham Carter for her role in Sweeney Todd (including, strangely, for both Coolest Actress and Most Misused Player (perhaps that has to do with her Worst Song nomination).  Many actors received 2 noms this year including Nick Frost (Pegg’s co star in Hot Fuzz),  Rose McGowan (Planet Terror), Viggo Mortensen (Eastern Promises), Eddie Murphy (Norbit) and Jessica Alba (Fantastic Four: rise of the Silver Surfer). Directors Bong joon Ho (The Host), Brad Bird (Ratatouille) and  the team of Ethan And Joel Cohen (No Country For Old Men) are all up for  Best Director/Best Screenplay noms.  

Other notable or interesting award nominees are Canadian zombie film Fido (4 nominations including Coolest Film and Coolest Supporting Actor). Animated characters Remy and Linguine (ratatouille) who are up for 2 awards each (individually and shared), As well as the poorly disguised made-in-Toronto thriller Shoot ‘Em Up (4 nominations including Sexiest Sexiness) which has already been accalimed for the “Short Circuit 2″ Award.

Below are links to this years nominee lists:

The Bestest and Coolest Categories Nominees

includes the likes of best/coolest film director actor etc.

The Technical, Artistic and Not Quite Human Categories Nominees
includes the likes of best screenplay original music visual effects and also best hats, food and animated characters.

The Worst, Least and Sometimes Most Categories Nominees
includes worst film director actor as well as least convincing screen couple and most overplayed/underplayed role

The Critic’s Eye Categories Nominees
includes the likes of sloppiest screenplay, best/worst history and best/worst trailer 

Catagoria Esoterica Categories Nominees
includes several unique categories such as for ‘the judicious use of bad writing, ‘inept disguising of Toronto’ and ‘greatest monstrosity of the year’

[note – I split the 67 nominations into the sections I named as I thought that the whole list was rather a large gulp to take in at once]

Go To the 27th Silver Lenas Movie Awards Main Winners Posting to find out who won.

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