Welcome to the website of the talented and multi-genre writer/ghostwriter Aaron Alan Yorgason who writes under the penname Alan Alaric Roi ! Here you will find links to his free-to-read webfiction, ranging from science fiction series like the post-apocalyptic space opera, The Promethead, through the world-traveling fantasy series Black Cloak White Art, the absurdist exploration of alien societies found in Dispatches from the Intergalactic, to a somewhat unsettling events in the back yards of a world much like our own in Call it a Mission. If you are looking for highly skilled and creative Ghostwriting talent you can check out A A Roi's professional Ghostwriting services, as well as scifi art by Digital artist, Oört.

Latest News

My new series Stepping Throuhg has begun, the first few chapters of We Play the Game is now online. Go here to start reading

Stepping Through: Tina Ruttledge had just about had it with post-university life, including a string of dead end jobs that weren't exactly meaningful or even paying the rent in an expensive city like Toronto to live in.  And at 24 she's beginning to wonder, as the only thing she's really been into is her dodgeball league, and due to government cuts, her league has been shut down.

Enter Devon Olafson, standing 4' 4" tall with a job offer that seems too good to be true, even if it is just a well paying administrative position in a stuffy office in 'Scarberia' that looks like it would have been more comfortable in the 1980s, a decade or so before she was even born..  Tina knew there was something a bit otherworldly about the short guy whose become her new boss.

But Devon was looking for more than just an out of work millennial, and Tina is about to embark on an adventure that she never could have imagined.  And she might even survive it, if she doesn't start throwing muffins, that is...

Science Fiction Webseries

The Promethead
9 The Post-Apocalyptic Space Opera
post-apocalyptic, cybernetics, survival, robotics, artificial intelligence, interstellar civilizations, advanced technology, memory alteration, drugs, dystopias
Status: Ongoing
Number of Chapters: 109
Start with:
The Undeniable Labyrinth

Up In Space
The Satirical Space Adventure 22,000 Years in the Future
aliens, artificial intelligence, advanced technology, humor, space adventure, satire, alien abduction, survival, life extension, sex
Status: Ongoing
Number of Chapters: 39
Start with:
Please Exit the Vehicle

Defending Mars
The future of humanity is in the hands of an unwilling colonist to the red planet
Mars, future adventure, artificial intelligence, social SF, advanced technology, young adult
Status: Ongoing
Number of Chapters: 26
Start with:
Captives of a Red Planet

The Satirical SF Anthology Focused on Alien Civilizations
aliens, space adventure, artificial intelligence, satire, interstellar civilizations, social SF, advanced technology, humor, sex, politics
Status: Ongoing
Number of Chapters: 21
Start with:
Trapped in Zero-Point Space

Fantasy Webseries

Black Cloak White Art
Tales from the Wizards End of the Staff
magic, adventure, politics
creatures, monsters, witches
wizards, kingdoms, dragons

Status: Ongoing
Number of Chapters: 48
Start with: The Stones of Arcory

23 Pangbourne Place
The Satirical Urban Fantasy Series
humor, horror, violence, zombies, vampires, gargoyles, magic, occult, investigation
Status: Ongoing
Number of Chapters: 33
Start with: The Thirteenth
Status: Ongoing

Call it a Mission
The Paranormal Mystery Series
paranormal, metaphysics, contemporary fantasy,
politics, social, science fiction, urban fantasy, weird science,
time travel, humor

Status: Ongoing
Number of Chapters: 35
Start With: Fixing A Hole

Stepping Through
The Time/Space Hopping Fantasy Series
fantasy, sports, history, steampunk, time travel, politics, social, magic, mythology, fire, humor, new adult
Status: Ongoing
Number of Chapters: 17
Start With: We Play the Game



Crossover/Multi-Genre Webfiction

The Shallow Ends of Infinity
Multi-Genre Flash Fiction
fantasy, science fiction, horror, weird fiction,
artificial intelligence, aliens, monsters, post-apocalyptic,
zombies, dystopia, young adult, military, social,

Status: Ongoing
Number of Stories: 5
Start Here: This Week's Story


A Paranormal Mystery Novella
urban fantasy, mystery, action, paranormal, contemporary fantasy, shifters, humor, social, detective
Status: Complete
Type: Novella
Published: Sep, 2015

The Sequel to Territories
urban fantasy, mystery, action, paranormal, contemporary fantasy, shifters, humor, social, detective, military, conspiracy
Status: Complete
Type: Novella
Published: Sep, 2015

The Follow up to Unpredictable
urban fantasy, mystery, action, paranormal, contemporary fantasy, shifters, humor, social, detective, politics
Status: Complete
Type: Novella
Published: Sep, 2015

Other Sites

Science Fiction and Fantasy Ghostwriting
Status: Ongoing
Type: Multi-Genre Ghostwriting and Editing
fantasy, science fiction, horror, thrillers, young adult

Digital Art by Oort

Status: Ongoing
Type: Science Fiction and Fantasy artwork
fantasy, science fiction, space, cover art